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Remember the Death of the Dollar?
The Forecasting Issue
"Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels
How Low Can Oil Prices Go?

Global Communication and Thoughts from London
Get the Important Things Right
Globalization:  Dormant But Not Extinct
The Case for Commodities

Where You Stand Depends on Where You Sit.... Literally
Measuring the Market
Thinking... It's Not as Easy as You Thought
Strange Developments Across the Pond

Investment Success
The State of Your Wallet
It's More Important Than You Thought
A Look at the Short and Long-Term

Have Goals? Then Keep it Simple
A Journey on the Old Silk Road
The Stock Price Valuation Debate

When Life Gives You Lemons
It's The Country of the Next Twenty Years
We Are Not Rational
Holding Hedge Funds' Feet to the Fire

Let's Do An American Restaurant
The Travel Bug Bites
Can Doing Good Also Do Well?
"Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't after you." - Joseph Heller, Catch 22

Never Having to Say Goodbye...
Decisions, Decisions, Decisions... 
Big Picture Investment Thinking...
Required Minimum Distribution - Demystified..

Welcome to our 20th Anniversary Issue
The U.S. Scene - From Our First Newsletter - September, 1995
Twenty Years On
This Picture Really is Worth 1,000 Words

The First and Probably the Last
Technology and the Internet of Things
The State of World Housing Markets
The Buybacks vs. Dividends Debate

When Will The Fed Raise Rates?
Knowing Which Way The Wind Blows
Cognitive Impairment is a Risk for Everyone
Social Security's Past, Present and Future

Coffee and Chocolate - What's Not to Like?
A Botanist's Delight
But An Economic Disaster
In Defense of Buying Bargains