Newsletters - 2014

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2014 in Squiggles and Charts
Wow, This Book is a Real Shocker
The Greatest Inventions in History
So What About Those Bonds in Your Portfolio?   

The U.S. Dollar RIP? Not so Fast
Trash Talking Emerging Markets
The Land of The Fastest Internet
Peak Coal? Not Any Time Soon

Where You Stand Depends On Where You Sit
Peak Oil - Is It Supply Or Demand We Need To Worry About?
Skills For A Technological World
An Update On Long Term Care

High Frequency Trading Hits A Speed Bump
There Are Four Kinds Of Countries In The World
Is Gold A Good Investment?
Retirement Planning By The Numbers

China: Royal Flush or House of Cards?
Living With Fracking
You Can Retire Very Comfortably If…
Income Inequality - An Issue That Won’t Go Away

What are the Secrets to Life?
The Mistakes We Make
Some Less Familiar Investment Classics 
Bye, Bye BRICS, Hello M-Pesa

Our Energy Future - Two Takes...
So Where is the Next Economic Shock?...
Endlessly Striving and Stressed...
Secular Stagnation or the Pause that Refreshed?...

The China Brand. There yet?
"You Don't Take Trips, Trips Take You."
Stocks That Do Better Over Time.
Observations From The Great Minds.

Stop Freaking Out About Retirement
Yes, We Are Going To Have A Correction! Now Get Over It
What Is An Investment Policy Statement and Why Non-Profits Need One
Grocery Shopping Disrupted

The State of the Language
Emotions on Parade
California Dreamin' About Enough Water
Moving the Ball Forward

The China Speed Read
Great News - A Life Extended
We Are The New China
Luck Runs Out for Macau's Casinos

Our Holiday Gift
The Baltics in Winter
What Investment Success Really Means
Things You May Have Missed in 2014

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