Our Services

Hanson & Doremus delivers thoughtful, customized investment portfolios and advice to individuals and institutions. Here are some of the things we can do for you:

 • We address all aspects of your investment portfolio needs – we get to know your situation, we conduct intensive independent investment research, we execute transactions, and we report the results to you.

• We provide advice on life issues and financial objectives, including retirement planning, college saving, and cash flow issues.

• We do 401k checkups where we advise you on your plan’s investment choices. 

• We run retirement scenarios that help you understand where you are with regard to your retirement goals. We also develop sensible distribution strategies once you reach retirement. 

• We help you make decisions about employer stock options and restricted stock units.

• We work with your tax and estate planning professionals to coordinate your financial situation.

• We consult with your adult children and other family members seeking early financial advice. 

• We work closely with nonprofit organizations to help them understand their objectives, craft investment policy statements, and manage their endowments.

• We offer free initial consultations.

To learn more, see "What to expect when you work with us."