Eric Hanson's Investment Course is Offered at UVM

Eric Hanson is teaching a course, Personal Finance and Investing, through the Grossman School of Business at the University of Vermont during the Spring semester of 2017. This is an elective class open to the entire campus and described below. 

It has been said that Economics is about “the allocation of scarce resources”. This is also a good definition of Personal Finance. None of us – not even Donald Trump – have enough resources to fulfill all of our needs, and our wants. This course will be about how to accumulate financial assets, how to invest (and spend) your nest egg, figuring out how and when to borrow, and how to take care of the unexpected events in life.

Global Family Enterprise Case Competition at UVM

Anne Doremus returned to the annual Family Enterprise Case Competition (FECC) as a coach in 2017. The competition was held at the University of Vermont through the Grossman School of Business on January 12-14.  

While the FECC prepares participants to understand the issues unique to family enterprise, coaches play a critical role in facilitating the application of that knowledge to the case. Once prepared, teams present their case to a panel of judges. 

Anne Doremus Coaches University of Vermont Graduate Student Team

 Anne Doremus was a coach for the Family Enterprise Case Competition sponsored by The University of Vermont on January 7-9, 2015. Twenty-four student teams from India, Malaysia, Chile, Saudi Arabia, France, Sweden, and the USA presented their business case model writing and analysis. Further information can be found here: