We believe that the right investment strategy is one that incorporates each client’s unique needs, circumstances, and preferences. Whether trying to plan for retirement, fund education costs or build wealth for the future, we pride ourselves on getting to know each client.  Strategies for portfolios of a minimum of $250,000 are developed with each client’s comprehensive financial picture in mind.  We work closely with other trusted advisers such as accountants and lawyers to ensure the smooth and efficient implementation of your investment plan.

Hanson & Doremus serves a wide range of non-profit organizations. These entities include endowments, foundations, faith based organizations and Trust funds ranging from $100,000 to $10,000,000.  We have extensive experience helping each of our non-profit clients assess their unique investment objectives. We work closely with Investment/Finance Committees to establish and review Investment Policies and Guidelines, evaluate withdrawal and cash flow strategies and coordinate with donors.  But meeting each of our client’s individual needs remains the firm’s top priority. We work closely with them to design portfolios and solutions tailored to their unique objectives.

Hanson & Doremus also manages institutional funds for governments and corporate entities.