Our Chocolate Recipe Pivots to the East…

Hooray - our annual Chocolate Dessert for this Holiday Season. And just to impress you with our effort, listen to this vetting process. Jordan Lafayette here at the office supervised a rigorous Test Kitchen to get to our final result. From early November two employees a week prepared a chocolate recipe. In early December we voted on the winner, and not just one vote but two. First we got down from ten entrants to three, and then the bake off to determine the final selection.

Our 2018 winner is our newest employee, Liz Ford but as they say on late night TV – wait there is more. The actual winner this year was not Liz Ford but Sven Eklof with an outrageous explosion of goo-ey chocolate wrapped in moist cake, the ‘German Chocolate Bombe.’ As with many things in life however there were issues. The big one is the recipe is somewhat involved (“It is really simple!” claims Sven) and does not fit on a Newsletter page. So alas on to Plan B but rest assured this is no step down. Liz’s pudding, “warm, spicy and exotic,”as she describes it, was a very close second in the voting and she fully deserves the baking bragging rights for the next twelve months. The “raz el hanout” spice (a curry blend) does not require a trip to the bazaars of Marrakesh (although this would win big points at your dinner party) but can be had at Trader Joe’s or other specialty stores. Arrowroot powder is available from local co-ops.

So from all of us here, a Happy Holiday and a Successful and Healthy New Year. P.S. For those wanting to throw all caution to the wind, we are happy to send along (FREE SHIPPING!) Sven’s recipe for a DOUBLE Holiday Treat.

Pudding pg 1.jpg