Coffee and Chocolate - What's Not to Like?

In the investing world, popular opinion is not always your friend. Investors’ tend to “follow the herd” and this often leads to overpriced securities and ultimately, poor investment returns. But with recipes, things are a little different. The best are handed down from generation to generation. In the kitchen, follow the herd. Our recipe this year comes to us from a neighbor who got it from a friend of hers – who undoubtedly got it from a friend or relative of hers.

I am not an accomplished cook so this recipe meets my two criteria; its simple and it tastes great. The most complicated part is sourcing a small container of instant coffee. Yes, they do still have instant coffee although in today’s world of tailor-made lattes it takes a little looking. The recipe calls for adding one tablespoon of coffee to the whipped cream but feel free to adjust to taste. I added fresh raspberries as a garnish. All our best wishes for the Holidays and for a happy and healthy New Year - Bon Appetit!

- Anne W. Doremus