Active Strategy

Our active strategy invests in individual stocks and bonds that we select.

We have a rich tradition of building portfolios through bottom-up fundamental research.  While staying mindful of overall portfolio diversification, we use a Value approach to select individual securities from across the globe.  This means we look for securities that are temporarily out of favor and priced below their fair value.  

We cull investment ideas from multiple sources.  We read widely and conduct securities screens for potential investments.  We then evaluate potential ideas more closely and place those we find compelling on our approved list, which we review weekly.

One advantage of our active strategy is the ability to customize  portfolios to individual circumstances, such as desired social screening, tax considerations or other preferences.   In addition, active Value Investing creates an opportunity to outperform the market over the long term.  However, active clients also must be prepared for periods where results deviate from market performance.

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